our story

my love for jewelry was born in the jewelry shops of Damascus. stopping into different shops and discovering high-quality jewelry became a hobby i took up every time i was in Syria. curating my jewelry collection almost became a part of my identity.

in my head, i would always think of specific designs of what i would love to have as jewelry but i never realized that I could actually make those jewelry pieces.
on a random day in 2020, i visited my local craft store and decided to buy a bunch of beads, out of boredom. little did i know that when i posted a story about the bracelets that i made, the DMs started rolling in. this naturally evolved into a business, iswartek, that i chose to pour my heart into. and that’s how iswartek was born!

the process i have been operating under remains the same, even after almost three years since our founding: making it a priority to create pieces that i personally would love to wear. luckily, these also happen to be designs that my customers resonate with. i am beyond grateful to be able to turn a passion of mine into a product that others can enjoy.


every piece is designed and handcrafted in-house by shireen. 
we are very proud to be a slow fashion brand, where we strive to work ethically and sustainably. every piece is handmade to order to prevent overproducing and to reduce needless waste. we also use 100% biodegradable and recycled mailers, boxes, labels, etc. in order to reduce our environmental footprint.